Solid wood, measures 50 wide x 19 x 19 tall. Located in Center Point 78010 Asking $180.00 or best offer
I m looking for a vehicle and horse trailer for the 18 inch dolls. Doesn t matter what brand, American Girl, My Life, Our Generation, or anything else will work! Just need it to be cheaper than new! I m also looking for any horse babies(foals) for the 18 inch doll horses, Barbie horses, playmobil horses, Spirit toys, or Disney horses. Let me know what you ve got please!
I m looking for any Spirit horses or girls and any horse accessories you may have for any size toy horse(saddle, reigns, etc.). Also looking for a vehicle and horse trailer for 18 inch dolls. Both my girls are obsessed with horses and I m looking for Christmas gifts at a not new price! Please Let me know what you have!
Set of 4 Solid wood chairs. Located in Center Point 78010 Asking $80.00/set or best offer
Leather executive chair, works great but has cat scratches on it. Located in Center Point 78010 Asking $100.00 or best offer
Solid Wood Roll Top Desk in excellent condition. Measures 54 wide x 54 tall x 33 deep. Desk space is 28 deep. Knee space is 24 1/2 tall. The roll top works and is in excellent condition. Has all keys. Located in Center Point 78010 Asking $850.00 or best offer

Tv stand

This is a glass tv stand in great condition. Very dusty from sitting is shop, but no scratches or anything in glass, slight small scratches on wood.
Solid Wood Duncan Phyfe Folding Table. Measures 26 x 38 when folded, 55 x 38 when extended. Comes with 4 solid wood chairs. Located in Center Point 78010 Asking $175.00 or best offer.
In new condition-hasn't been used. Can meet in Bandera, Kerrville or Center Point. Price is firm.
The dr play set has real gear, including a few stethoscopes, and a blood pressure cuff(all missing one piece or another). It also includes a bunch of play dr toys, an eye test chart, some forms, cards, prescription sheets, a face mask, and a cute gown.
This pops up to be an air balloon and squished down for, who knows why? In great condition.
These are some old and some new fisher price imaginext and playskool characters. Some in new condition some in played with condition. These sell new as a set of 3 for about $15. Selling all 18 together for only $25
This is a lot of random stuff that goes with the imagin next toys. There is a shark boat where the shark opens and closes his mouth, a vehicle that opens and shoots darts, but I don t think the one I put with it fits?(forgot to check), a bed, 2 guns, and 7 characters(blue power ranger, Hulk, Indian guy, robot guy, wolf super hero guy, a knight with broken leg, and a skeleton thing). These sell ...
We his is a set by playskool, but it is a lot like the fisher price imaginext sets. It includes the building that opens up and lights up and makes noise and transforms from a fire station to the guy s face, 3 transforming vehicles, 2 men, and a transformer guy. The buildings alone sold for $40+. Selling all together for $20.
This is a set of a vehicle that comes apart, a boat, the rat Splinter, a bad ninja guy, another guy I do t know, the blue ninja turtle, and a pizza that transforms into a throwing star. The set originally came with just the pizza, the car, and the turtle. I believe it was $15. The other characters are $3 each new. Selling all together for only $10!
This is a cool game that has all kinds of funny scientific facts and simple experiments to do in mid game. In great condition and includes all pieces except slime. Just purchase some new slime at the dollar store and it s good as new! Fun family game!
Let grandma have her own things so u dont have to tote everything around! This lot has excauser/rocking bassinet (I'm washing the insert which is pink and white since it's been in storage) / lay on the floor play gym (brand new never used) and a (rocker bouncy seat with also a pink and white coverlet I'm washing ) I will post pics tonight of items being washed..they are not stained only dusty ....